Hair Loss in Women Causes

Hair Loss in women can be caused by a number of factors. In this blog I’m going to give you a brief explanation of each of the likely causes and how they can be effectively dealt with.

Lifestyles Lead to Hair Loss

It seems as though the workforce wasn’t the only thing women were getting themselves in for when the battle of the sexes began. Today, through no want of their own, women are up there with men when it comes to hair loss and it seems they’re being affected at a younger age....

Rogaine for Women

Extra unwanted hair in women is a side effect of Rogaine, but as long as you use it as directed, you should be fine....

Hair Treatment for Women

Women who experience hair loss can feel embarrassed and be anxious about what to do and who to turn to. Knowing what treatments are available however is only half the solution. Not everyone’s situation is the same and women will need to know which individual approach will be most suited to them and give them the results they desire....

Hair Loss Success Stories

In some cases hair loss cannot be treated or hair density may have been poor for so many years it has become irreversible. However, even when thin hair has become a long-standing problem, there are still cosmetic products that can help a woman’s confidence....

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Hair loss among males is socially acceptable but is still unwanted by many. For women it is devastating. Whether you are a male or a female, the hair will always be a crowning glory and it is a good thing experts have discovered the helpfulness of nettles for hair loss.

Women can lose hair due to several factors; the most common are stress, pregnancy, dieting, or severe emotional issues. Androgenetic alopecia is considered to be similar to Male Pattern Baldness wherein hair follicles have become sensitive to the hormones in the scalp. It is usually characterized by hair thinning and losing hair in a distinct pattern which starts just above the temples. This case in women does not usually lead to total baldness but some may opt to cut the remaining hair and go for a total bald look.

Telogen effluvium is another hair loss problem caused by hormonal imbalance when suffering from thyroid problems. This may also be from birth control pills intake or pregnancy related. The good thing about this is that hair loss is only temporary. In many cases, it is hard to determine between androgenetic alopecia and telogen effluvium. Women should carefully trace back events in the past. If there are no traces of hormonal imbalance from blood tests, no traumatic experience, and the hair thinning has been going on for a long time, then it is very likely that the case is androgenetic alopecia.

Treatment for both types of hair loss will always include hair growth stimulants. Many products are available in the market but the introduction of nettle shampoo products is gaining rapid popularity. The nettle plant, commonly known as "stinging nettle" is a known medicinal plant as far back as 10th century. Generations of people have used the plant in treating prostate problems, rheumatism, diarrhea, common cold, urinary tract deceases and many more.

Although it is yet to be proven that nettle extract alone helps in treating hair loss problems, hair products that combines nettle and other herbal medicines are showing good reviews. It is good that people with this problem now have the option to use products from natural sources. Direct application of nettle extract may also be done but those who would opt in this topical process is required to practice extreme caution. The plant has stinging hairs on its leaves and stems that contain histamine and other chemicals which can cause allergy upon contact to human skin. Although these allergic reactions are not really harmful, it gives discomfort and best to be avoided as much as possible.

Anyway, shampoo products with extracts of nettles for hair loss are easily available through online stores and distributors. One does not have to go through the hassle of extracting from the plant itself anymore.

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  1. I have been watching my calorie/fat intake for 3 months, and been working out for 4 days a week, but have been unable to drop a pound. I have just been taking natural thyroid supplements for 30 days and what a difference. I have lost 9 pounds in the 30 days.

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