Hair Loss in Women Causes

Hair Loss in women can be caused by a number of factors. In this blog I’m going to give you a brief explanation of each of the likely causes and how they can be effectively dealt with.

Lifestyles Lead to Hair Loss

It seems as though the workforce wasn’t the only thing women were getting themselves in for when the battle of the sexes began. Today, through no want of their own, women are up there with men when it comes to hair loss and it seems they’re being affected at a younger age....

Rogaine for Women

Extra unwanted hair in women is a side effect of Rogaine, but as long as you use it as directed, you should be fine....

Hair Treatment for Women

Women who experience hair loss can feel embarrassed and be anxious about what to do and who to turn to. Knowing what treatments are available however is only half the solution. Not everyone’s situation is the same and women will need to know which individual approach will be most suited to them and give them the results they desire....

Hair Loss Success Stories

In some cases hair loss cannot be treated or hair density may have been poor for so many years it has become irreversible. However, even when thin hair has become a long-standing problem, there are still cosmetic products that can help a woman’s confidence....

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When you first start to notice those early signs of hair loss, it can be a total nightmare. You often wonder what on earth you're going to do about this problem before it turns into a bigger one.
There are many products on the market for those losing hair, but many often result in tremendous amounts of side effects. You shouldn't have to worry about side effects just to regrow your hair. Natural remedies exist that can take the growth of your hair to a whole new level.
One of the most overlooked remedies for treating hair loss is that of onion juice. When you first think of onion juice you probably are worried about the smell that it can have. Yes onion juice isn't exactly something you will won't others to smell, but it can trigger hair growth fast.
Simply grind an onion into a blender until it forms a juice. Use this juice to massage your scalp thoroughly. This will send tons of sulphur, a mineral your hair needs to grow, right to your follicles. Follow that up with the massaging of honey into affected areas where your hair has started to thin. Leave on for about 35 minutes then wash away with a mild version of a shampoo.
Even if you do not want to use the juice from an onion to stop your hair loss, you can use the onion itself to send sulphur to your roots. Simply cut open the pulp of an onion, rub it against your thinning scalp, then wash away with a mild shampoo.
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