Hair Loss in Women Causes

Hair Loss in women can be caused by a number of factors. In this blog I’m going to give you a brief explanation of each of the likely causes and how they can be effectively dealt with.

Lifestyles Lead to Hair Loss

It seems as though the workforce wasn’t the only thing women were getting themselves in for when the battle of the sexes began. Today, through no want of their own, women are up there with men when it comes to hair loss and it seems they’re being affected at a younger age....

Rogaine for Women

Extra unwanted hair in women is a side effect of Rogaine, but as long as you use it as directed, you should be fine....

Hair Treatment for Women

Women who experience hair loss can feel embarrassed and be anxious about what to do and who to turn to. Knowing what treatments are available however is only half the solution. Not everyone’s situation is the same and women will need to know which individual approach will be most suited to them and give them the results they desire....

Hair Loss Success Stories

In some cases hair loss cannot be treated or hair density may have been poor for so many years it has become irreversible. However, even when thin hair has become a long-standing problem, there are still cosmetic products that can help a woman’s confidence....

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If hair loss help for women is to carry any credibility, it must address many internal and external issues all at once. Make no mistake about it. The three ideas I'm about to offer you can definitely work wonders for you, rewarding you with a full, shiny, healthy head of hair in just a few short months. All you need to do is employ them!

Any of these steps followed separately can make a huge transformation, but in concert, they are unrelenting! Across the globe, women with thinning hair have followed these tips... and they've gotten their alluring hair back, simple as that. I'm incredibly elated to be sharing this with you now!

Hair Loss Help For Women - 3 Ways To Get Your Hair Back Now:

Hydrate, nourish, and alkalize your body. There are plenty of lifestyle causes that, when changed, can make a tremendous impact on your hair all by themselves. Practice common sense. Drink 2-4 liters of pure water every day. Make sure your diet consists of over 50% fresh, natural produce (tons of salads are ideal). Cut back on or do away with processed sugar, caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, "enriched" flour, and fried or unnatural foods. In addition, an all-natural multivitamin supplement, as well as a powdered green drink mix (freeze-dried wheat grass blend) are also very strongly suggested for alkalizing and nourishing your body, and thus your hair!

Down With DHT! The hormone dihydrotestosterone, better known as DHT, is totally responsible for the bulk of all hair loss for women. To prevent the formation of DHT, you can either find and use the pharmaceutical finasteride, or take an all-natural supplement. The best DHT blocking hair loss help for women is horsetail silica, along with biotin and magnesium. This is very easily the most fundamental of these steps. Please do not make light of a good DHT blocker's importance!

Use minoxidil to grow new hair. Minoxidil is the exclusive FDA APPROVED topical available to regrow a woman's precious hair. A 2% minoxidil solution is the ideal hair loss help for women. Apply it to the scalp each day and your hair should start growing back within a pretty short period of time While minoxidil has been proven to regrow hair, however, it does nothing to STOP the cause of hair loss. You need to take a DHT blocker in addition to your minoxidil. This combination is an absolute powerhouse!

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