Hair Loss in Women Causes

Hair Loss in women can be caused by a number of factors. In this blog I’m going to give you a brief explanation of each of the likely causes and how they can be effectively dealt with.

Lifestyles Lead to Hair Loss

It seems as though the workforce wasn’t the only thing women were getting themselves in for when the battle of the sexes began. Today, through no want of their own, women are up there with men when it comes to hair loss and it seems they’re being affected at a younger age....

Rogaine for Women

Extra unwanted hair in women is a side effect of Rogaine, but as long as you use it as directed, you should be fine....

Hair Treatment for Women

Women who experience hair loss can feel embarrassed and be anxious about what to do and who to turn to. Knowing what treatments are available however is only half the solution. Not everyone’s situation is the same and women will need to know which individual approach will be most suited to them and give them the results they desire....

Hair Loss Success Stories

In some cases hair loss cannot be treated or hair density may have been poor for so many years it has become irreversible. However, even when thin hair has become a long-standing problem, there are still cosmetic products that can help a woman’s confidence....

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A lot of women believe that when their hair starts thinning, this could be an extremely detrimental time for them; we'll review over the reasons for hair loss women. The truth is a woman's hair can thin out for a variety of different reasons that are beyond their control.

However, the subject of female hair thinning, although it has become prominent, is still not discussed as widely as male baldness seems to be. There are a few reasons why women lose their hair, however we have researched the subject and were able to arrive at a few different reasons why this thinning hair may be a substantial problem.

1. Low iron levels can contribute to thinning of a woman's hair. These iron deficiencies often times referred to as anemia, can eventually lead to baldness. However, before you decide that this may be the reason that you are losing your hair, you should consult with your physician.

2. Estrogen levels have lowered. Primarily during and after menopause the amount of estrogen in a woman's body lowers substantially. Hormone changes such as a depletion of estrogen can lead to hair loss.

3. Thyroid disorders are also a cause of hair loss. Both an overactive and under-active thyroid can contribute to a woman suddenly losing her hair.

4. Hormone changes after pregnancy. When a woman is pregnant her body is put through a lot of different changes. These hormonal changes that go on inside of a woman's body can very well lead to thinning of her hair as well.

5. Medications can also lead to a woman losing her hair. If your doctor has you on any medications that state that baldness may be a result from utilizing the medication, make sure your doctor is aware of your problem.

The fact of the matter is female hair loss is often tossed to the back burner when it comes to this problem. However, men are not the only ones that are subjected to hair loss there are many different factors that face women and this dilemma as well.

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