Hair Loss in Women Causes

Hair Loss in women can be caused by a number of factors. In this blog I’m going to give you a brief explanation of each of the likely causes and how they can be effectively dealt with.

Lifestyles Lead to Hair Loss

It seems as though the workforce wasn’t the only thing women were getting themselves in for when the battle of the sexes began. Today, through no want of their own, women are up there with men when it comes to hair loss and it seems they’re being affected at a younger age....

Rogaine for Women

Extra unwanted hair in women is a side effect of Rogaine, but as long as you use it as directed, you should be fine....

Hair Treatment for Women

Women who experience hair loss can feel embarrassed and be anxious about what to do and who to turn to. Knowing what treatments are available however is only half the solution. Not everyone’s situation is the same and women will need to know which individual approach will be most suited to them and give them the results they desire....

Hair Loss Success Stories

In some cases hair loss cannot be treated or hair density may have been poor for so many years it has become irreversible. However, even when thin hair has become a long-standing problem, there are still cosmetic products that can help a woman’s confidence....

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Rogaine for Women is one of the hair loss treatments in the form of a medication that is approved by the FDA. Although this is so, people react differently towards the drug, where some may experience hair growth, while others do not. On the down side, some people may experience side-effects as well.

Some of the most common Rogaine for Women side-effects would be scalp irritation and redness. This is common because of your body's natural defense system will try to fight against the drug. What you can do to stop this effect is to alternate the use between the 5% minoxidil strength and the 2% strength, where you can use the former in the night, and the latter in the morning. Irritation can also persist if you use more that the indicated prescription. Dryness and flaking might also occur but can be avoided by using an anti-dandruff shampoo. Other Rogaine for Women side-effects include irregular or fast heartbeats, chest pain, or headaches, as the minoxidil content was originally meant to help change blood pressure. These rarely happen, but if they do, reduce the strength. If that does not work, you should stop using it and consult your doctor.

The most important sign to stop using the medication would be if any breathing problems occur from its use. As mentioned earlier, it may actually change your blood pressure, so it can cause you to faint or have difficulty breathing. If this happens, you should stop use immediately and seek medical attention. However, this is very rare to happen.

Side-effects can also occur if Rogaine is used with Retin A simultaneously because the the solution will be able to penetrate much better through the skin, which means if there are side effects from the use of the medication, the severity will be increased. Nevertheless, you should always talk to your doctor if you are interested in trying any hair loss treatment, and Rogaine is no different.

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